Jannis Mattheis

Hey there! I'm a software engineer from Berlin, Germany. Since 2018, I'm creating and maintaining privacy focused open-source projects. I enjoy writing simple, maintainable and testable code.

Besides programming, I'm also heavily invested into mechanical keyboards. My daily driver is a Lily58. This is an ortholinear split keyboard that I've equipped with Zealios V2 switches and DSA Vilebloom keycaps.

Contact me via hello@jmattheis.de or LinkedIn. GitHub / Resume


gotify/server (Docs) Go TypeScript React WebSocket
A simple server for sending and receiving messages in real-time per WebSocket.

gotify/android (PlayStore, F-Droid) Java Android
An app that creates push notifications for new messages posted to gotify/server.

screego (Docs, Demo) Go TypeScript React WebRTC
screen sharing for developers.

traggo (Docs) Go TypeScript GraphQL Apollo
A self-hosted tag-based time tracking server.

goverter (Docs) Go
A type-safe Go converters generator.

prog.fan Postgres Go Python TypeScript
Statistics about book series mentions in social media.

???/??? Rust TypeScript React Postgres
A self-hosted podcast player and manager.

I create and maintain these projects in my free time besides my full time job. If you want to ensure that I can continue maintaining them then you can donate to me: jmattheis.de/donate


This website is available via various protocols, which may or may not be intended to be used that way. Currently, there is support for: dict, dns(tcp), ftp, gemini, gopher, http/https, imap, pop3, redis, ssh, telnet/tcp, websocket, whois.

Try one of the following commands in your terminal:

$ curl     dict://jmattheis.de/show:server
$ curl      ftp://jmattheis.de
$ curl   gopher://jmattheis.de
$ curl     http://jmattheis.de
$ curl    https://jmattheis.de
$ curl    'imap://jmattheis.de/INBOX;UID=1' -u ':'
$ curl     pop3://jmattheis.de/1
$ curl     tftp://jmattheis.de
$ dict -h         jmattheis.de -I
$ dig            @jmattheis.de +tcp +short
$ docker -H       jmattheis.de inspect -f '{{.Value}}' start
$ docker run --rm jmattheis.de/start
$ finger          jmattheis.de
$ gemget gemini://jmattheis.de/ -o-
$ netcat          jmattheis.de 23
$ redis-cli -h    jmattheis.de lrange start 0 0
$ ssh             jmattheis.de
$ telnet          jmattheis.de 23
$ whois -h        jmattheis.de .
$ wscat -c        jmattheis.de


2019-08 Send Notifications to Android via REST-API

2019-12 Setup a forwarding DNS Sinkhole with DNS over TLS&HTTPS

2020-04 Review of my first Project

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